Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tories Stealing UKIP Policies

Well it's been an interesting week since the UKIP manifesto launch last Monday in the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel. Nigel Farage MEP the Party Leader was in town for the proceedings which the Tories tried to overshadow when they launched their own on the same day. Although there was a BBC camera & crew at the launch it was not mentioned on ANY of the BBC Scotland's news broadcasts, but well done to the STV for giving us a mention. The Tories were so desperate for policies that they tried to steal one of ours as their lead policy. Months ago we announced that it would be beneficial for schoolchildren who had found or were enrolled in job training or apprenticeships to leave school early around 15, so the Tories tried to up the anti by going for 14. Then it was announced that they would be getting rid of Home Reports, oops that's one of ours as well. What they don't say is that Home Reports (or HIPS in England) were only introduced as a way of disguising the Energy Certificate required by the EU. Now they say they will offer a referendum on elected Provosts, that sure fits in with our referendum policy but still only on things they say you can have a referendum on not what the people choose. This is only at a Scottish level, but look at the Tories last budget's plans to incorporate the National Insurance Tax with Income Tax. Where could they get that one from? Yes you are right stole it from UKIP. Well we know the CONservatives are running scared and stealing our policies but remember "Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery"