Sunday, 13 June 2010

NHS Fife Health Board Elections.

On Thu evening I was elected to NHS Fife Health Board as one of the Board's first elected members. This is an experiment from the Scottish Government both in Fife and Dumfries & Galloway in having elected members as part of the local Health Board. The full list of those elected in Fife can be found at
I was well pleased when the list of first preferences were shown and I was in 3rd place. Even after the adjustments made as those at the bottom of the list were dropped and their second preferences were distributed still left me in 4th place. Maybe all these years of being involved in the area of Health & Wellbeing as well as the many networking groups, such as the Small Business Club, I have attended have payed off as many people have told me "Yours was the only name I recognised, so I just voted for you".
My most grateful thanks to all those who did bother to vote. I hope I can make some changes for the better. We shall have to wait and see.
The next stage is an induction/training programme on Mon & Tue in Glasgow. It will give me a chance to meet up with most of the others in Fife as well as those from Dumfries & Galloway. It's a full programme and we've got homework to do before we get there.
I'll tell you all about it next week.