Friday, 6 April 2012

We Don't Want Turbines Here!

The relentless applications for even more wind turbines have spread from North East Fife across the Kingdom and is now affecting the Kirkcaldy area. Following the consent to the wind farm at Earlseat Farm between Thornton and Wemyss the latest bid to surround Kirkcaldy comes from the application for the proposed development in a partnership between The Ecology Centre, OYO (Scotland) and local farmers Steve and Christine WylieKinghorm Ecology Centre.

However a group of Burntisland residents are planning to fight against the three turbine plans near the town’s Binn Hill. They are joining a multitude of anti-turbine groups not only across Fife but the whole of Scotland. More and more people are waking up to the destruction of, not only the Fife countryside, but, the whole of Scotland. They are beginning to stand up to the blind obedience to the Climate Change Act (Scotland) signed up to all the parties in Holyrood with NO dissenters.

It is good that the people of Scotland are waking up to the destruction of their countryside to appease Salmond’s Turbine Mania. It is just a pity that they didn’t listen to the UKIP Candidates at the 2011 Scottish elections who were the ONLY political party calling for a moratorium on wind farms. If they had voted for UKIP we would have someone in the Scottish Parliament speaking up for citizens concerned about the destruction of their peace and quiet and the blight on their house prices as well as exposing the complete insanity of the whole subsidies system. A system, which forces up electricity prices for all, to pay farmers who have given up farming the land and are now farming subsidies, and the multi national companies who are milking the British public.

Let’s make a start to correct this imbalance at the local Council elections by voting for UKIP and Independent Candidates willing to say No to any more turbine applications.


  1. Please see also the report: “Green energy target ruining Scotland’s Scenic landscape, warn tourism and industry experts. 2008 report reveals chicanery ?”, which is on the ukipscotland blog. Some new detail, with particular regard to Scotland. New “official” reports and some startling conclusions, yet the Scottish Government seem oblivious to their own advisors advice, and corroboration of the bad news about windpower from disparate sources.

  2. Keep up the good work Peter. From one ex-Sapper to another!