Friday, 2 April 2010

Holly Grieg Demo 1 Apr 10

Well my prayers were answered and we did have fine weather in Edinburgh on Thu 1 Apr 10 at the Holly Greig Demo in Parliament Square.
I met quite a number of good and caring people willing to make the effort to get the message out about the treatment and injustice to Holly.
There was a good turnout from all around Scotland with about 50 to 60 people there with a variety of leaflets, plackards and signs. There were a few supporters with videos and cameras so there should be some pics on some of the websites soon.
The next demo is planned for Sat 1 May again at Parliament Square starting 1pm so as it's a weekend there is no excuse not to be there. So why not bring a few friends with you.
I was great to see the billboard and hopefully it will be there again on 1 May.
See some photos of those attending here and

Some of the information about those supporters can be found at:
Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers
Scot Against Injustice, and
And also on the official blogs

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