Thursday, 15 April 2010

Robert Green Re-Arrested

I received this from a contact earlier.
"Robert Green, prospective Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers (Justice for Holly Grieg) election candidate for Aberdeen South, has "gone missing". He failed to appear for a scheduled radio interview. Robert was previously charged with "breach of the peace" on February 12th, the date on which he originally planned to launch his campaign. Foul play by the authorities is strongly suspected." This was then followed up by "It has been confirmed that Robert Green is currently in police custody in Stonehaven"

Having phoned Grampian police non emergency number on 0845 600 5700 the following conversation ensued:

Hallo, Grampian Police Non-Emergency help line, Juliet speaking.

Hallo, Juliet. I have been informed that Robert Green has been re-arrested. Can you tell me if you have a Robert Green in custody.

The standard reply was "I will read out a statement and then I will put the phone down. Thank you for your enquiry. We cannot confirm or deny who we have in custody."

Is this an attempt to stop Robert standing in the election? I think so and so do many others. What can you do to help. Phone the number above. You'll get the same answer, but they have to log it. Last time, because of the numbers calling, they let him out on bail instead of keeping him in custody as planned. Then we try and find out when he is coming before the court. When we find out lets get as many a possible to be at the court with our banners. Stand up for Holly. Stand up for Robert
If you are in Aberdeen South and want to help then contact John Taylor as he is still lookng for a few assentors on the nomination papers

To find out more about the Holly story look on the official blogs

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