Saturday, 17 April 2010

Robert Green Gagged Even Tighter

Robert Green, Holly Grieg adviser and SACL Parliamentary Candidate for Aberdeen South was arrested on the 15th April when he reported to Warrington Police Station as part of his bail conditions and taken to Aberdeen where he once again was taken to Stonehaven court where he was given the choice, stay in custody or agree to new bail conditions. He signed the new conditions to get out of custody but unfortunately he couldn't read what he was signing as he had left his reading glasses in his car when he was arrested. He had pointed out to the arresting officers that his glasses were in the car and could he collect them but after phoning a "higher authority" in Aberdeen they were told "No, just bring him up".

Although he had not breached his original bail conditions, new conditioned were added that not only was he not allowed to publicise the case in Scotland but also restricted from publishing items on the internet and other social media. It look like MacAskill's Gagging Amendments to the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill are being applied. It never fails to surprise me that all those in Holyrood who were alerted to this before these amendments were debated in Parliament, did NOTHING to stop it.
Now Robert has been gagged even tighter it is up to all of us to get this injustice out to the public and action taken.
One thing the Scottish Tourist Board has been keeping quiet about is the effect this case is having on Scotland's tourist economy. Many of those in the USA and other countries are now saying they won't be visiting Scotland if this is the sort of justice system we have, if we cover up such treatment of our children. Have you got a friend or relative reliant on the tourist industry? Maybe you should be passing this information on to them. It's costing them money and maybe even their job.
However even after all that people in the Aberdeen South constituency have signed his candidate nomination papers and these should be lodged on Monday.

Stand up for Holly. Stand up for Robert
If you are in Aberdeen South and want to help then contact John Taylor

To find out more about the Holly story look on the official blogs

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